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Which 50 Yahoo! Products will Close or Transition?

Many libraries have done quite well by using free or low fee web products to embellish the library virtual presence.  However lately we’ve seen quite a few web comanies like Google trim their products lines quite a lot.

In recent weeks the new “new Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson dropped a bomb during the analysts’ call when he said the company will be “shutting down or transitioning roughly 50 properties that don’t contribute meaningfully to engagement or revenue.” speculated that Yahoo might shut down or transition up to 50 properties.”

So, could that include Flickr? Or librarian competitor Yahoo Answers?  I doubt it.

Matt McGee at SearchEngineLand speculates on these ones:

8 Yahoo Products That Could Be Shut-Down Candidates

1.) Yahoo Upcoming

2.) Yahoo Directory

3.) Yahoo Pipes

4.) Yahoo Groups

5.) Yahoo Clues

6.) Yahoo Fire Eagle

7.) Yahoo Babel Fish

8.) Yahoo Koprol

Interesting list since if I haven’t heard of some of them I guess I shouldn’t try to learn about them at all.

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