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Library and Archives Canada and other Sad News

Someone has placed some nice funeral flowers in front of the Library & Archives Canada building on Wellington Street in Ottawa.  With large layoffs there and in other Canadian cultural institutions the government has started another battle in the warn on culture.

If you’re in Ottawa, maybe we can encourage more flowers as a silent protest leading up to the CLA Conference in Ottawa in a few weeks.

From my son, Zachary: “On May 1, the Canadian Government abolished in its entirety the Understanding Canada grant program. Funding for the Canadian Studies grant program has been terminated. National Canadian Studies associations around the globe have completely lost their funding, including ACSUS which has relied on an annual operating grant of approximately $95,000 for many years. I know people are sick of reading stuff like this on facebook but I can’t help but feel this is a bad move. Consider writing the PM or John Baird if you agree with me.”

Sharing knowledge about Canada! The program is intended for foreign academics who want to study about or conduct research on Canada. Some components of the program are also available to promote teaching and publications about Canada in various disciplines.”

“At the 40th anniversary of the program, cabinet miniters, John Baird said: “I would like to commend ACSUS members for helping to advance Canada’s advocacy interests in the United States through the academic community’s research and through engagement with the media. Your efforts have made positive and lasting contributions to the understanding of Canada-US relations.”

“A similar letter from Prime Minister Harper stated: “The Canada-US relationship remains one of the strongest in the world and is enriched by the programs and events offered by institutions such as yours…Thanks to the efforts of organizations such as ACSUS, the population in both countries will continue to be informed about, and engaged in, important developments in the context of the Canada-US relationship.”

A disgusting pattern is emerging in Harper’s war on Canadian culture… massive cuts to LACBAC (Libraries and Archives Canada), National Archives, Federal libraries, Canadian studies, CBC, NFB and more.  I guess if you have a government that uses belief systems and dogma instead of facts and research to make policy, this is what you get.  Attacks are libraries and knowledge are pathetic policy.  You would think as a major employer they’d get support instead of kicks. I guess this government just wants auto assembly.



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