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15 educational experiences my granddaughter won’t have

Doug Johnson at Blue Skunk Blog makes an interesting list:

15 educational experiences my granddaughter won’t have

  • ADSL (wired Internet access)
  • Dedicated Cameras And Camcorders
  • Landline Phones
  • Slow-Booting Computers
  • Windowed Operating Systems
  • Hard Drives
  • Movie Theatres
  • The Mouse
  • 3D Glasses
  • Remote Controls
  • Desktops
  • Phone Numbers
  • Primetime Television
  • Fax Machines
  • Optical Discs

About half of these things are nearly extinct already – at least in many households. My landline is gone, I no longer have a desktop computer at home, my laptop has a flash harddrive, and my movie theater attendance is probably 10% of what it once was only a few years ago.

Piltch’s article put me in mind of  15 educational “experiences” that I hope this little girl won’t encounter:

  1. Textbooks (replaced by interactive content management systems that are tailored to her needs)
  2. Paper library books (replaced by libraries of interactive and assistive e-books  downloadable to any device)
  3. Paper worksheets and study guides (replaced by online guides that can be collaboratively completed)
  4. Classroom lectures (the lectures are on YouTube, discussion and group work are the class activities)
  5. Standardized tests (who cares but the politicians – I want an IEP and authentic assessment of individualized goals)
  6. Age-divided classrooms (replaced by flexible, changing groups of interest and ability)
  7. Video and audio in physical formats (the DVD is the 8-track tape of 2015)
  8. Report cards and parent-teacher conferences (replaced by real-time, online communications and reporting)
  9. E-mail (replaced by educational networking sites modeled on Facebook – or a Facebook that can be segregated into professional and personal accounts)
  10. Social networking blocking (How 2010!)
  11. School-owned/provided computing devices (replaced by inexpensive but powerful personally-owned devices, purchases subsidized for low income families)
  12. Drill and practice software (replaced by games that call for collaboration, planning, creativity and construction)
  13. Libraries (replaced, in concept if not in name, by Learning Commons providing a range of services students need.)
  14. GPA, class ranking, SAT/ACT (replaced by student-built portfolios of original and creative work that demonstrates competency and values)
  15. School experience as drudgery, punishment, or time-wasting (replace “Do I have to go to school today? with “I can’t wait to get to school today!””



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