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Save the Date: Dysart & Jones / iSchool Institute Symposium on MakerSpaces

Jane Dysart and I have been busy planning a 2 day Summer symposium for the University of Toronto’s Faculty of information iSchool Institute. We’re focusing on building a series of Symposia on hot topics in libraries and this first one is on creative making in libraries and museums. We’re hoping to have something of interest to everyone in research, museum, academic, and public libraries. We’re also highlighting the work and research of the Semaphore Institute at the [email protected] including a tour of their research lab. I am really excited about this and we should have the registration site open soon but I wanted to get a save-the-date note out to you all today. So, if you’re looking into the opportunities in your program strategies for 3D printing and scanning, Arduino robotics, gaming, creative making (including publishing!) and the links to learning, business, entrepreneur incubators, curation and collection, and more,please consider registering. We think we’ve assembled a great team of experienced research and program leaders in North America and that the learning and interaction with others will be a key part of the symposium design.

University of Toronto iSchool Institute Symposium
in partnership with Dysart & Jones Associates

Creative Making in Libraries & Museums
Monday & Tuesday July 22 & 23, 2013

One of the hottest trends today is FabLabs, 3D printing, Makerspaces and the connection of libraries and museums to creation and invention. It’s time for a symposium on the current landscape and a look at the opportunities for research, programs, practices and experiences of pioneers in this space. Dysart & Jones Associates have assembled a stellar crew of the leading thinkers and innovators in the fields of critical making. Attendees will tour the University of Toronto iSchool Semaphore Research Lab, hear of international innovations in FabLabs and Makerspaces in libraries, explore the use of maker technology in museums and cultural institutions, and learn the connections to strategies for research, community and education.

When one of Time magazine’s top 100 thinkers, Chris Anderson, a famed journalist, and editor of Wired magazine and entrepreneur, writes his third book (following librarians’ favorite, The Long Tail) on Makers: The New Industrial Revolution in 2012, you know the maker revolution is on the way! The book describes how entrepreneurs using open source design, and 3D printing as a platform are driving a resurgence of American manufacturing. The innovations portrayed, crowdsourcing of ideas, utilization of available lower-cost design and manufacturing tools, and reviewing options to outsource capital-intensive manufacturing were also highlighted in the February 2012 Harvard Business Review article, “From Do It Yourself to Do It Together”.

Many industries, libraries, and museums have embraced the maker revolution. This two-day symposium illustrates the breadth and depth of the revolution, puts it into the context of libraries and museums, shares exciting programs already being pioneered and suggests areas for future endeavours. It features leading edge thinkers and practitioners, includes a tour of the University of Toronto’s Creative Making Lab and focuses on strategies for libraries, museums, K-12 and other education and academic institutions.

• Matt Ratto, iSchool Professor; Director, Critical Making Lab, and Director, Semaphore Research Cluster on Mobile and Pervasive Computing University of Toronto
• Susan Considine, Executive Director, The Fayetteville Free Library FabLab; ALA LAMA Division Councillor, NYLA PLS President, NYLA Councillor at Large
• Richard Hulser, Chief Librarian, Natural History Museum Los Angeles County
• Nate Hill, Assistant Director for Technology & Digital Initiatives, Chattanooga Public Library
• Jason Griffey, LibraryBox
• Other innovators will be video-conferenced in as well

Conference Co-Chairs:
• Jane Dysart, Senior Partner, Dysart & Jones
• Stephen Abram, Consultant, Dysart & Jones

For sponsorship opportunities or a chance to demonstrate technology please contact: Juanita Richardson, [email protected]

Watch this blog for information about registration. Plan a nice trip to Toronto this July!


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