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Topsy Has Every Tweet Ever

Topsy Has Every Tweet Ever

“If you’re an avid Twitter user, you’ve probably experienced the frustrations of trying to use their built-in search. Ever since the deal between Twitter and Google ended in 2011, it has become extremely difficult to search through tweets to find what you’re looking for, with the way Twitter serves their search results favoring more recent and more popular tweets.

Topsy has indexed billions of tweets – 425 billion of them to be exact – and has now made all those tweets available for searching.”

Topsy – searching all your tweets

“If you’ve ever searched Twitter using their advanced search function (or indeed their basic one come to that) you’ll know that it’s not very good. Once upon a time it used to go back a month or so – now you’re lucky if it goes back a week. So how do you find that tweet from nineteenhundred and frosty weather? Help is at hand in the form of Topsy at

It has a database of every tweet back to 2006, which is the region of about 425 billion tweets. Twitter is now pushing out somewhere in the region of 400-600 million tweets per day and each one is indexed on Topsy within 150 milliseconds – which is a statistic that I can barely comprehend – I don’t know about you! If you’d like another statistic – the amount of data being produced by Twitter and Facebook is more than the rest of the web combined. It’s all on Google? I really don’t think so.”




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