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YouTube for Nonprofits

Most libraries are non-profit. They do however still need some cash, somehow.
Many libraries have been posting amazing videos to YouTube. I am in awe of the creativity our colleagues demonstrate.
Google launched its nonprofit program this week. I especially like YouTube for Nonprofits. It was a launch partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative. There are 13 other participants including the American Cancer Society (I love their Second Life presence!), Friends of the Earth, March of Dimes (another Second Lifer) and YouthNoise.
Basically it offers features to more easily connect with your members, registrants, enrollees, users, cardholders, etc. With it you can more easily create dedicated YouTube channels, and optionally adopt Google Checkout for Nonprofits, integrate it directly into your website and solicit donations safely, securely for free (at least through 2008). It promises to simplify the process of managing the donor and communication relationship.
Maybe you’ve already got a PSA (public service announcement) for your local PBS or NPR affiliate. It might be worth while to experiment with this tool.
Check it out here.

Posted on: September 28, 2007, 10:21 am Category: Uncategorized