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Summary: My Postings on the Value of Libraries

It’s been a busy week but I think I have managed to assemble all the links I have on library value studies. Many of you have been generous in sharing some of your links too. Thanks and keep it up!

Here are the links to the value and impact of libraries postings that I wrote this week all in one place. Please feel free to share:

The Value of Public Libraries

The Value of School Libraries

The Value of Academic and College Libraries

The Value of Special Libraries

Library Advocacy: Save the Library Campaigns

Having the Value Conversation: Springboard Stroies

I hope this helps people out. Let me know of other studies or strategies that you see that work!

Gale Cengage has advocacy for libraries as one of our three pillars so I feel good about assembling this information from my files and sharing it on this blog. It nicely combines my job, my work, my career and my passion.


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  1. Thank You!
    Jim Linderman
    Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books

  2. For what it’s worth, my own humble submission on this topic (items I’ve noted in passing mainly):

    Libraries raise the culture of a community, which should lead to economic gains, as well less tangible civilization gains.

    I have a pet theory, that here in the UK at least, we are at a point in the evolution of the libraries where individuals have considered the value of the libraries, governments recognise the value of the libraries towards government objectives, but essentially what we have is a lot of individual perceptions. At this point in the evolution of libraries we need to bring these perceptions together and to consolidate our understanding of the value of libraries in society.

    It is all the more important, because we have a lot of new technologies (information technologies as well, bang right in the middle of the libraries’ field), to which we apply our creativity (until all the possibilities are exhausted). We should understand the value of the libraries in society in the past and the present and the for the future.

  3. Please, oh please, a post on “The Value of Librarians Associations”