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Swear Like a Librarian! #swearlikealibrarian

I love this post by Brian Herzog at Swiss Army Librarian:

Swear Like A Librarian

“I asked around a bit and here’s a list of some choice “safe” words library staff use:
■ some old standards: Shoot, Fudge, Bologny
■ Jeepers Crow
■ Flip
■ Fly me (to the moon)
■ Mother of pearl
■ What the what?
■ For the love of Pete
■ For cripe’s sake
■ Frick
■ Shut the front door
■ Sugar Honey Iced Tea

The last one is my favorite – read it again, but just the first letter of each word.”

I use freakin’ and H E Double Toothpicks cuz it worked for Richie Cunningham!

Anyway, it’s a great start on a list. What others do you think work in public service? There are a ton of comments on Brian’s post suggesting more. Awesome.

Anyone want to try a tweet meme using the hastag: #swearlikealibrarian?


Posted on: August 14, 2011, 6:31 am Category: Uncategorized