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Gotta Have It

OK – It’s a fun Friday posting.
First, I admit that I have the full collection of Unshelved comic strip collections. I subscribe to the daily feed through my Hotmail account and through my Bloglines. I am addict for a library themed comic strip. It’s just too much fun. Find e-mail and RSS feeds here.
NOW, even bigger news, a hometown (Toronto) based comic strip artist has published a graphic novel with a librarian hero! Too much. My son, the graphic novel afficionado, is searching to order my copy as you read this (launch date August 2005)! The novel is named after its hero so it’s called Rex Libris. There’s an interview with James Turner, the illustrator here. It’s worth seeing just for the book cover and the poster farther down the page. I, Librarian!
Anyway – I gotta have vol. 1, number one, in mint condition! This is bigger than Harry Potter in my world. I hope this gets the full Librarian Action Figure buzz.

Posted on: July 28, 2005, 7:03 pm Category: Uncategorized