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Arrrghh! Technology!

I’ll blog a little bit from home this (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend. On the way home from the Rockies my laptop died – registry file kaput – gone. One minute you’re checking e-mail and writing reports, then – bing bang boom – silence. It wasn’t a victim free accident either because the laptop took the phone with it. Battery deader than a doornail. I think the phone was like a car passenger without an airbag or some kind of technological sympathetic response.
Twas a little stressful. I was in the air when everything died on my way to the Ohio Library Council Conference to keynote and deliver a panel session of millennials with 8 cool grade twelve students. All I had with me were some older back-up powerpoints on my thumb drive! No problem! 90 minutes before the room filled up, the OLC folks calmly sat me down at their laptop with a glass of water and a calm voice. Everything went fine!
Anyway, laptop is off in the courier today for repair. A new battery fixed the phone. I am starting to feel normal (if that’s a desirable state) today.

Posted on: October 7, 2005, 4:27 pm Category: Uncategorized

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