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Journal of Usability Studies

I keep forgetting to pst this link to the new Journal of Usability Studies. It’s here.
It has invited and peer reviewed articles from the Usability Professionals’ Association. Here are the current contents:
Usability for the Masses
Author: Jakob Nielsen
Usability Testing of Mobile Applications:
A Comparison between Laboratory and Field Testing
Authors: Anne Kaikkonen, Aki Kekäläinen, Mikael Cankar, Titti Kallio, and Anu Kankainen
Iterative Usability Testing as Continuous Feedback:
A Control Systems Perspective
Author: Alex Genov
Towards the Design of Effective Formative Test Reports
Authors: Mary Theofanos and Whitney Quesenbery
Usability Testing of Travel Websites
Authors: Deborah S. Carstens and Pauline Patterson
I couldn’t find a feed but I’ve bookmarked it.

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