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Gartner forecasts second internet revolution

InfoWorld reports on a Gartner report and says: “During the next year, chief information officers (CIO) should pay acute attention to how technologies such as blogging and podcasting will affect their businesses and be ready for innovation with those technologies by their competitors, Gartner analysts said Thursday. Those innovations are driving a second Internet revolution, a time when businesses can’t afford to be content that they are simply online, said Mark Raskino, a research fellow at Gartner. Podcasting and blogging are affecting businesses both internally and externally, he said.
“I think the point of the second Internet revolution is it will catch people out,” Raskino said. “The reason why it will catch people out is complacency and arrogance to some extent.”
The recommendation to pay attention topped Gartner’s annual list of resolutions for CIOs in the coming year.”
Read it here.
Here are their 10 tactics for business but it’s not a huge leap to apply these to our enterprises.
“Choose 2006 tactics towards a 2008 strategy
1. Educate your business about the second Internet revolution before someone else does.
2. Set some “do not migrate” orders in advance.
3. Target 2008 for major innovation delivery.
Insist on agility in the heart of the organization
4. Get yourself and your team ready for your next jobs.
5. Start a significant “software as a service” implementation as a trial and education.
6. Organize your merger and acquisition capability.
Push beyond 2005 comfort zones in value, focus and technology
7. Revisit capitalization with your chief financial officer.
8. Build your brand and your team.
9. Refresh your meetings with the chief executive officer.
10. Check out some 2006 “hot” technologies.”
Yet another warning about another sea change. I’ll bet this one hits the not-for-profit sector first this time. Libraries be ready.

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