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Some recent numbers

If Yahoo! get way more clicks than Google, what are they doing right?
Yahoo has a higher information density and more targeted community strategies as well as putting top searches in the front window.
I recently read that MySpace is getting 2.5-3 times more traffic than Google.
MySpace engages members on a vey social level and connects people of like interests.
Alan November recently said at the eTech Ohio Conference that one third of all kids had a blog.
Kids are content creators. How much content do libraries let them create on our sites?
The Pew Internet and American Life study on Generations Online has similar data. It shows a huge growth in social uses of the internet and a generation gap in this demographic.
Interesting. It would make an interesting discussion to ask what library portals can learn from these data bites.

Posted on: February 16, 2006, 4:35 pm Category: Uncategorized