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Does the web save the time of the user?

Steven points to another interesting article.
Application of Ranganathan’s Laws to the Web by Alireza Noruzi, Department of Information Science, University of Paul Cezanne, Marseille, France
“This paper analyzes the Web and raises a significant question: “Does the Web save the time of the users?” This question is analyzed in the context of Five Laws of the Web. What do these laws mean? The laws are meant to be elemental, to convey a deep understanding and capture the essential meaning of the World Wide Web. These laws may seem simplistic, but in fact they express a simple, crystal-clear vision of what the Web ought to be. Moreover, we intend to echo the simplicity of Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science which inspired them.”
It a good question. It reminds me of a question Jane Dysart and I used to ask in seminars: “Is the library an extension of the web or is the web an extension of the library?”
Somewhere in the answer to these questions is the context of our position and impact in our communities.

Posted on: February 28, 2006, 8:26 am Category: Uncategorized

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