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Soda Pop 2.0

Now there are those in the soda pop industry who would say that we don’t need a new name for this kind of pop because we’ve always done pop and don’t need a new name to explain this innovation. It’s just pop as we’ve always done it.
From Gizmodo:
pop bottle.bmp
“Ipfini offers the ability to program your soda with up to 32 different combinations. The patent-pending bottle design has aroma, flavor and color buttons on the side. The bottle is filled with basic carbonated high-fructose water and the user hits additives to taste. For instance, press the cherry flavor button and add the lime smell. One can only assume you shake the bottle vigorously to mix and then hand it to an unsuspecting co-worker and enjoy the show. After hearing it was programmable, the obvious questions arose: where are the caffeine buttons and will it run Linux?”
Then again, how do I know I am talking about a shift or change or different direction if I just say I’m drinking old pop from new bottles. No new brand or language necessary . . . let’s just hide our pop in the old context and language so that the innovations spread slowly.

Posted on: March 27, 2006, 3:45 pm Category: Uncategorized

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