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Just for fun – and a $50K opportunity

I think this is humourous. Then again maybe my funny bone is quirky.
Fruit 2.0.png
BTW – it’s real.
I also intended this as satirical. I apologize to those who didn’t get it and felt the need to respond in total seriousness. That’s the nature of some edgier humour I guess. Reductio ad absurdum. (And please refrain from trying to explain humour to me. It’s personal perspective not for public review.)
Just for the record. I could not care less what you title your conversations about various innovations in libraries. Some might be shocked that I really don’t care if we have a title at all. I would love it if we spent as much time pointing to cool innovations, creative solutions, experiences, widgets, mash-ups, tweaks, applications, ideas and thoughts as a very few have spent worrying and fretting about appellations.
Either way, I sure hope we can return to a little light humour and perspective. Feelings are being hurt needlessly on many sides.
On the actual agenda of achieving the identification of neat or cool innovations in libraries, SirsiDynix clients are eligible for five $10,000 US awards by applying for the Building Better Communities Awards here. There’s still time to apply. Nominate yourself or a colleague. It’s actually quite simple and you don’t need to call it 2 point anything.

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