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Department Stores

I wonder if this analogy holds?
Remember department stores? I mean real department stores with all the departments – hardware, housewares, paint, auto, clothing, cards and the whole kit and kaboodle. These stores were all things to all people. When The Gap tried to aim itself at being for all ages, it’s sales declined. Ooops.
Seen too many of these broad based stores lately? Even the big downtown stores – if your town has any left – are mostly just fashion now. There are a lot fewer chains and local names too. What caused these to decline? Wal-Mart? Malls? Suburbia? Big Boxes? Busy working families?
Do libraries try to be everything for everyone? Are we too diverse and unspecialized? Can we build a community presence that engages people in a positioning of libraries that isn’t overly homogenized? What positioning do you want for your library brand? Who do we want to excite?
Just asking…

Posted on: May 9, 2006, 8:52 am Category: Uncategorized