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More on the Impact of Academic Libraries

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that more students named the library as an important factor in enrollment.
The article is online but requires a subscription for access. Here’s the preview but you likely have access through your regaulr aggregator databases and public libraries (right?):
Facilities Can Play Key Role in Students’ Enrollment Decisions, Study Finds
Do dormitories, libraries, academic buildings, and student unions really help colleges land — and keep — students? A new study sponsored by the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers says the answer is a clear-cut yes.
However, the buildings that matter most to students may not be the ones college administrators and others would expect.
“Buildings related to academics are the most important,” says David A. Cain, vice president and associate in the higher-education sector of Carter & Burgess, a consulting company. “Students really want to know what type of facilities are in their major.”
Buildings still matter. They’re just not enough.

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