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Worth Repeating

Here’s a neat insight from Dave at the 2 Cents Worth blog.
I wonder if we older folks have been taught digital civics too. It’s more than that old netiquette.
I need to keep this in mnd as I prepare for my early morning talk about the Millennials to YALSA at ALA on Sunday.
“MySpace now has 72 million users (1). That is larger than the populations of 213 countries (2). Perhaps we could deal with the social online networks thing if we thought of it for what it is — MyNation. This is their digital nation. They are citizens, and they’ve never been taught digital civics.
1 Bulik, Beth S.. “How MySpace is Like World-of-Mouth Marketing on Steroids.” AdvertisingAge. 5 Jun 2006. Crain Communications. 15 Jun 2006 .
2 “List of Countries by Population.” Wikipedia. 15 Jun 2006. Wikimedia Project. 15 Jun 2006 . ”

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