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Can you trust data?

A friend sent me this small item from the Globe & Mail which has nice implications for many librarians:
Flawed data is IT workers’ dirty little secret
“The widespread use of faulty business data is a dirty little secret in today’s business world, leading to bad business decisions, lost productivity, and increased on-the-job stress. This crisis of confidence in business information is going largely unnoticed by businesses, but can they afford to ignore it?”
Globe and Mail Update
June 28, 2006
“The survey by Harris Interactive found that 72 per cent of 1,560 U.S. information workers admit to having made business decisions that later turn out to be wrong because they used flawed data from spreadsheets, reports or business intelligence gleaned from the Internet. And 87 per cent said they have had their data challenged or questioned by their boss or co-workers.
Despite this, 94 per cent said they continue to believe most of the data they collect is trustworthy, the survey, sponsored by Vancouver-based software company Business Objects, found.”
Here is additional info from the Business Objects website:
Press Release:
Executive Summary:
These might make a good foundation for cute little memoes in your boss’s in-tray after his or her July long weekend.

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