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Idea Sand Box

A favourite e-newsletters (Not a blog but a free monthly e-mail newsletter) is Idea Sandbox. You can subscribe and see the archived issues too.
This month’s issue is great. I am attracted to the idea since I love the idea that play is learning.
The main point is contained in the title: Take Your Inner Child to Work Day.
In this article you can discover the process to reaching your Inner Child in three simple steps…
– Step 1: Determine the age of your Inner Child.
– Step 2: Behave like that Inner Child.
– Step 3: Don’t let Them out of your sight.
What is the age of your inner child?
“The scientific method is to take the first and second digits of your calendar age and add them together… I’m 37, 3+7=10.”
My Inner Child is 7 years old! Therre – that actually feels better today than 52. How old is yours?
Now you’re ready to play!

Posted on: August 16, 2006, 8:18 am Category: Uncategorized