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The Social Life of Libraries

Check out this site for ideas on how a library site with social features could look if we worked on it.
All Consuming
Hmmm – socially driven and answers a clear question:
“What book should I read next?”
“What DVD should I watch next?”
extending this to:
“What magazine should I read?”
“What articles should I read?”
“What’s blogs are good to follow?”
“What websites should I check out?”
“What social sites and clubs are right on fo me?”
It’s a start. It shows the radical trust needed to implement this sort of service. You see the beginnings of this in 43 Things and also Library Thing. Librarians and library staff could be expert nodes while users could gain expert fame too.
Thanks to Chris at The Relevant Library for pointing to this!
It’s from the folks at You might remember my article, 43 Things You might want to try this year, that suggested using it to track your learning goals.

Posted on: August 30, 2006, 1:20 am Category: Uncategorized