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Neat Peripherals

Here’s my latest column for Information Outlook about computer periplerals, which aren’t so peripheral anymore.

Posted on: October 30, 2006, 12:45 pm Category: Information Outlook

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  1. As a parent of four children, ages 16 – 20, I have to say you “nailed it” on your description of the behaviors and values of these people.
    Their collaborative work style, enhanced by technology, is a great strength. They take great pleasure in both searching for information and in sharing their opinions.
    I agree that their weakness on facts is not a bad thing. The ability to access facts when necessary frees up their learning time for more important things: like understanding the concepts of globalization, economics, or science, rather than using their time to memorize dates or other facts that are easily found elsewhere.
    Nice article!

  2. I apologize for posting this comment to the wrong blog post. It was suppoed to be attached to your post about millenials. Sorry!