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My SirsiDynix Institute Presentation on Nov. 14th

I’ll be in Calfornia on the 14th so I’ll be webcasting from there. I hope this quick tour through fun technologies to play with and review and how they might be used in the best interests of library strategies will be entertaining and educational.
Stephen Abram MLS — Vice President Innovation, SirsiDynix
25 Technologies in 50 Minutes
Nov 14, 2006 | 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Pacific (Do the math for other time zones)
Lots of technologies are due consideration for our library portals. Which would be on your top 25 list? We can’t do it all at once but we should be trying more than a few out to learn about them. Stephen Abram, SirsiDynix’s Vice President of Innovation lists a technology application every 120 seconds in this roller coaster ride of what’s out there in LibraryLand and which one’s are worth playing with and seeing if they’ll be useful to your library and your community of users. Join us for the cook’s tour of what’s in the front of the pack for the 2.0 Community Portal. Maybe I’ll use an egg timer dinger for every 2 minutes!
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