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Engaging Your Audience

My favourite marketing guru, Seth Godin of Purple Cow and Big Moo fame recently gave an AMA sponsored speech that outlined the five key themes to keep in mind for any organization attempting to get its message out into the world:
“1. Ideas that spread win;
2. The industrial complex has been ‘broken’ by the Internet;
3. Don’t TELL people why you’re better; TEACH them why you’re better;
4. Use emotional marketing: do they love it?
5. Work the grapevine – have spirit and passion – use a megaphone, not a funnel.”
Just as a discussion point, I wonder how well we use these themes in libraries. It really isn’t just about marketing, or promotion, or publicity, or public relations, or sales. It not just the traditional measurements – circulation, ILL, clicks, etc. How do we truly ENGAGE them? Are they spreading our message? Are we seeing them (by them I mean the great public – students, users, moms, etc.) quoted in the newspaper, on the news, on blogs, in MySpace, and more? What’s showing up in our ego feeds? What does your blog comment feed reveal? What does your Wikipedia entry look like? (You have one right? You checked? If it’s not there you built one, eh?)

Posted on: November 15, 2006, 12:57 am Category: Uncategorized

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