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Great New Video about the Future of Schools

Many of you will have seen the amazing EPIC 2014 video from 2004 and its follow up EPIC 2015 and know how transformational they were in the world of thinking about the future and the web, especially for news and libraries. If you haven’t viewed these 8 minute mini-videos on the web, go there now! Here’s a link to the Google Video version.
Karl Fisch’s has produced a video called 2020 Vision for schools and school libraries. It is amazing too. Run, don’t walk, to view this almost 16 minute tour de force.
Of course, it’s based on the fact that next year’s kindergarteners will be the class of 2020! Time will fly!
These ‘scenario’ style videos are great places to start the conversation about what we’re building and are we building it ‘right’ for the future these kids will encounter.
Have some fun viewing this and maybe set up some discussion groups.
The old 2014 / 2015 shorts were pretty right on – so far – let’s see how this one does…

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