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Social Software Activities in the Content Space

The Bivings Report has has produced a new study this month called:
The Presence of Magazines on the Internet Look at this chart from the report and note how many social applications have developed a strong presence in the magazine publishing space.
Here’s another Bivings Report from August 2006:
The Use of the Internet by America’s Newspapers
Again, notice how social this content space has become.
Library Land is, partially, a content space too. I wonder how a selection of the top library websites and portals would fare in a chart like the ones above? I’ll have to find the time to see a goodly set.
Learning is social
Community is social
Networks are social
Libraries and schools are social
Research is social
Creation is social
Human is social
Student and scholarly life is social
Look at some of our ancient social tools – collaborative collections, WorldCat, consortia, citation analysis, etc.
Libraries are social institutions. We have a clear and valid interest in applications and environment that drive social experiences.
Now, we can use the tools and content provided by Web 2.0 type thinking to create new and dynamic experiences for our users. Cool.

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  1. It seems everything in life is social. Not so long ago I had a time for genius, and for that i really had to feel isolated from the social standards. I am not saying that all that is social is good, but life makes you social because although sometimes we may not like it we live in the world with another persons. What the internet has is that you are isolated from your immediate social world while at the same time socializing in another dimension.