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Here’s my latest column in SirsiDynix OneSource. I tremble to link to it here. It’s created a little controversy in just a couple of days since its release.
It’s called “Change – Arrghhhhh!” You can find it here.
Anyway, I’ve learned a lot in many years of change and feel that the emotional side of dealing with change is addressed too little. I’ve managed a large number of corporate change projects and the books on the simple processes are legion. I have found the stages of grief process a useful metaphor in understanding or at least discussing our emotional reactions. Read and decide for yourself. I was reminded of the stages lately as a few very close relatives and friends passed on unexpectedly. I guess it was just top of mind when I was writing. For those who feel this is insenstive, I apologize. Everyone grieves in their own way and I never question other’s reactions to grief nor do I feel any reaction is invalid. For those who feel that corporate employees have no right to comment on this, I respectfully disagree.
Either way, for the hundreds of comments, e-mails and postings I am receiving, I thank you. A conversation is a good thing. So far, the vast majority are positive, respectful and/or constructive. For the few anonymous, nasty or threatening ones – I feel the need to publicly state that I am a librarian and an information professional. As such I have a few personal values. These include signing my work (I never post without my name at the bottom), replying to respectful and constructive criticism, and respecting my readers and clients. I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to avoid personal ad hominem attacks and hot words and I always ask for the real information and facts from the source rather than imagine or invent a scenario and publish it as if it were fact. Writing a blog would be so much more fun and easy if I were anonymous!
We all have our personal definition of what comprises professionalism. I sometimes fail. I’m not perfect – far from it. If I have offended anyone with this article, then I apologize. My intent was to share a personal experience in a difficult time. But then, that’s just me.
Either way, I will continue to carry myself the same way in all my roles.

Posted on: April 14, 2007, 3:19 pm Category: SirsiDynix OneSource

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  1. Andrew Hiskens said

    Another way of looking at change – especially at a corporate level – is this compelling forumula:
    the case for change x the vision for the future x the roadmap of how to get there [has to be] > the sense of loss.
    I got this from Jeanne Liedtka, from the University of Virginia, who teaches the biennial Museum Leadership Program at the Melbourne Business School…