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MySpace and Facebook Comparison

Facebook and MySpace Features are compared by Mashable here.
Facebook Hammers MySpace on Almost All Key Features
June 10, 2007
So far I know about Ryerson U, U Illinois and Hennepin County with their OPACs present in their Facebook presences. Cool and edgy. There appear to be a few following Hennepin’s leadership, like Charlotte & Mecklenberg, Birmingham, Darien CT, Madison AL, etc., with their OPACs in their MySpace presence.
I’ve seen a few Meebo services for libraries in MySpace too. (Charlotte, Darien, etc.) Cool. The bar keeps getting raised!
I have to say I think that Facebook is far better for my needs. MySpace’s draconian policies stop it from being a good platform for much effort when they destroy your work and salt the earth and don’t allow any appeal. My advice is that it might be neccessary for many markets but make sure you’re backing everything up. All can be gone with no notice.
Then again, I think Ning shows great promise.


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  1. Nice to see the HCL application noticed outside the library community:
    Technically Savvy Librarians