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ALA Great Debate

I had the opportunity again this year to participate in ALA LITA’s Ultimate Debate. This year the topic was “Are Libraries Innovative Enough” with me, Karen Schneider, and Joe Janes. We were ably moderated by Andrew Pace.
Quite a few people blogged the discussion so it must have engaged a few folks!
Here’s a link to the LITA Podcast of the event.
Note that you can choose to download the entire mp3 file to your computer (thereby preserving it for your own use conveniently, instead of just playing it online) by right-clicking on the little graphic and then left-clicking on the “save as” option in the context menu.
I was a little disappointed that many questions from the audience focused on whether ALA, our associations or library schools were innovative enough. It felt a little like we were trying to find someplace else to ‘blame’.

Posted on: July 17, 2007, 5:08 pm Category: Uncategorized