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I am quite exhausted. I am half way around the world – and jetllagged somewhere between 7 or 14 hours, my body doesn’t really know. I am blogging at what the hotel clock says is 3:45 am. I am doing 1-2 speeches a day in Durban, Johannesberg, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. I’ll land in as many cities again before getting home for Labour Day. The people I am meeting are wonderful and totally hospitable. That’s the good part. Now flights where they destroy your luggage – twice (Thank you South African Airlines) and then blame you and yell at you and lie – well that’s special in a Dana Carvey kind of way. Guess they don’t need my business and figure I won’t tell everyone on my blog (cue evil laugh….). There that feels better.
Anyway, one compensation was sitting on the plane tonight and looking out the window on the way between Melbourne and Sydney and what do I spy? A total lunar eclipse! Cool. The universe really does have at least three dimensions! I’ll play with Google Sky tonight. Oh and the waning moon is upside down here (like a bowl) to what I am used to and the drain water doesn’t spin the other way. The light seems a slightly different colour too.

Posted on: August 28, 2007, 1:34 pm Category: Uncategorized