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It’s interesting to look at other library style distribuion models. NetFlix, iTunes,, NetLibrary, and others give us ideas about how a world where digital content predominates might operate. A new one that has been closely watched for over a year, launched this week.
SpiralFrog, the free, ad-supported music store, has launched it’s website with over 770.000 songs and 3.500 music videos from indie labels and Universal Music Group (one of the world’s largest copyright owners). Originally EMI was involved but isn’t now.
Anyway, each of these newish players in the content discovery and distribution business are interesting. to learn from. I’ll bet there are lessons here we can copy.
In this case with SpiralFrog, while you can download music for free, there are a couple of small catches. Music can be downloaded to compatible devices with Windows DRM employed, and the transfer of music is allowed only twice. You’ll also need to renew your account every 30 days, which is similar to other paid music subscription services that charge on a monthly basis.
As DRM declines, wll free – and legal – prove to be a world beater here where others are surviving their own troubles (like Napster, Pandora, Limewire, KaZaA, etc.)? There’s really nothing stopping this type of music and video service from adding articles and books.

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