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The blogs are picking up the soundbite – “Nearly half of all internet users (47%) have searched for information about themselves online, up from just 22%, as reported by the Pew Internet Project in 2002.”
That’s just so mainstream media. Shouldn’t blogs be more thougtful?
They seem to imply that searching your own name is ego-centirc and narcissistic. Could be. But it couild also be good practice to make sure you know whow your identity is being used. I remmeer a period when people were shocked to discover they could search their SSN’s on the web and get hits! It’s under better control now but not perfect. I’d also suggest bthat it’s not bad parenting to occasionally search your kid’s or young teen’s name on the web and see what turns up.
The meat of the latest Pew Internet and American Life report is what it tells us about digital identiy and ther state of the general public in managing their identity, privacy etc.
As usual they have their interesting profile categories:
“Online adults can be divided into four categories based on their level of concern about their online information and whether or not they take steps to limit their online footprint:

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