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Digital Economy Fact Book 2007

The Ninth Edition of The Progress & Freedom Foundation’s “Digital Economy Fact Book” was released Dec. 18th and is available on the PFF site here. This reference book, authored by Stephen McGonegal and Daniel B. Britton. is praised by ResourceShelf as a “vital source for objective statistics and information on the digital economy. ”
Just to give you an idea of the stuff packed into this free 188 page PDF, Here’s the table of contents:
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Growth of the Internet
Host Computers and Domains
The U.S. Online Population
The Worldwide Online Population
Websites on the Internet
Internet Service Providers and Web Browsers
Internet Search Engines
Chapter 2: The Hardware Sector
Adoption Rates of Entertainment and Communications Technologies
Personal Computer Sales
Cell Phones
Smartphones and PDAs
Data Storage
Gaming Hardware
Other Hardware
Chapter 3: The Communications Sector .
Telephone Subscribership
U.S. Broadband Adoption
Worldwide Broadband Adoption
Emerging Broadband Service Platforms
The Wireless Industry in the U.S.
The Worldwide Wireless Industry
Third-Generation Technology
Radio Frequency Identification
Voice Over Internet Protocol
Email and Instant Messaging
Convergence and the Bundling of Services
Chapter 4: Digital Media
Internet Video and DVDs
Cell Phone Content
Online News and Classifieds
Blogging, Podcasting, and Tagging
Social Networking
Chapter 5: Electronic Commerce
Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business E-Commerce
Internet Advertising
Types of Internet Advertising
Online Finance
Online Travel
Online Health Care
Chapter 6: Threats to the Digital Economy
Malicious Software
Identity Theft
Chapter 7: The Worldwide Digital Economy
Funding for New Ideas
Mergers and Acquisitions
IT-Sector Revenue Trends and Stock Indices
IT Spending
IT-Sector Employment and Productivity
Outsourcing and Offshoring
The European Digital Economy
The Chinese Digital Economy
The Indian Digital Economy
Appendix: Digital Economy Timeline, July -June
List of Abbreviations
Need some quick facts about the emerging digital economy? This one covers it and especially now with expanded global facts. I guess this is where all those news story soundbites come from.

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