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The Year in Blog Postings

I like this meme that’s going around the biblioblogosphere. I first saw it on Walt’s blog – which is called Walt at Random – and this seems so random, sort of.
Anyway, here are the first lines of my first Lighthouse post in every month for the last 12 months in 2007:
“I am very excited about what we have scheduled so far for the SirsiDynix Institute in 2007.”
“The SirsiDynix Institute is doing its first international (or at least outside of North America) program and it’s coming from Australia! (Actually I can hardly wait to return to this beautiful country.)”
“YAY! Jenny is coming to the SirsiDynix Institute. It’ll be awsome.”
MySpace is a Bully. OK, last week I got this e-mail: “Your MySpace account has been deleted for violating our Terms of Service.”
“Here’s a link to my latest column in the SirsiDynix OneSource newsletter for May 2007:
“Earning the Right to Give Advice ”
“Here are the slides from my keynote to the Massachusetts Library Association on May 2. It was a lovely conference set in bucolic Sturbridge. “Technoschism:Reorganizing and Restructuring Libraries for the Real Future.”
“My Humiliation at Wii – OK – this kid at ALA beat me at Wii Tennis.”
“I’m on vacation this week after acquiring an apartment in Montreal for my son, Zachary, to start his master’s degree. It was such HGTV fun – right down to the digital photo reveal. However, I am looking forward to speaking at IFLA in Durban South Africa in the coming weeks followed by a short tour of Australia.”
“Looking for over 180 tools to make – our favourite tagger – more potent? Head over to Mashable.”
“OK, I am in the UK in London at Internet Librarian International. Much of my family is all gathering in Toronto for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe I’ll try to find some turkey tonight. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.”
“Here is a (hoax) picture of the home computer as predicted in 1954 by Rand Coproration.”
“The semantic web is coming closer. It’s not entirely ready for prime time yet but it’s definitely time to keep an eye on it.”
I find this “random” thing interesting. My blogging reflects what my work is. The first line a month covers SirsiDynix Institute, speaking engagements around the world, my personal life, writing articles and tracking interesting technologies for libraries. All I wanted to do when I started this blog in ’05 was, from the start, to muse about things librarianesque and post things that interest me that might or might not interest others.
I hope other bibliobloggers try this meme. It’s interesting to me.
Happy New Year (I guess I’ll feel more writer’s block for the first posting of every month in ’08!)

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