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Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day alerted me to this free PDF.
162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools
The eLearning Guild asked members for their favorite tips for using software for the creation of e-Learning. Members could submit tips in any or all of the following five categories:
Courseware authoring and e-Learning development tools
Rapid e-Learning tools
Simulation tools
Media tools
Combining and deploying authoring tools
A total of 122 members responded to the survey, contributing 162 usable tips. The tips range in length from one-sentence ideas all the way up to page-long discourses. Some are very basic in nature, and others are quite advanced. We have not edited the tips in any way, other than to correct spelling – everything you see in this book is in the tipsters’ own words. As a result, these tips will be useful to any designer or developer looking for best practices to incorporate into their own production process.
You can download the 65 page ebook in PDF format.
162 Tips and tricks for working with e-learning tools

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