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Printer Ink Rip Off

I recently had to update my home printer.
The first one was a disaster from Best Buy. I bought it in August and they NEVER had hte ink cartridges in stock – even by November. Appalling. I finally went in to complain to the manager and got him to take it back. The printer was exclusive to Best Buy so they werer the only ones who could have the cartridges. Amazingly I didn’t find that out until I returned it and AFTER the staff had sent me on a wild goose chase to many other office supply stores and Best Buys on two continents and 3 countries. They eventually told me to refill the ink cartridge. Now this is one of those smart ink cartridges that the newer printers have which cause you to have to click through four messages for every print command because they embed a chip in the cartridge and disable your PC’s ability to sense the toner levels. And these chips make it impossible for there to be a thrid party market.
Crap – that’s really awful. What law makes it unlawful to refill your cartridge and what gives them the right to mess with MY PC? It’s the digital equivalent of Ink DRM! And have you seen how many different cartridge [standards] varieties there are? Of course, since these printer manufacturers charge up to $8,000.00 per gallon for printer ink, you can see their motivation! People scream about gasoline prices! And people pay way more for bottled water than they do for gas and are starting to scream about that (why pay for something that should be free and trustable out of the tap? Especially since most bottled water is tap water – eg. Coke’s Dasani or Pepsi’s Aquafina). And to hear that printers lie that your ink is low when it is not . . .
Anyway, why aren’t we demanding this rip off end?
Why aren’t there ink usury laws?
Read this post for more.
Anyway, my new printer is better and I really love the photocopy feature.

Posted on: December 21, 2007, 9:13 am Category: Uncategorized