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Seth Godin’s Marketing Trends

Shannon Bowden reports on Seth Godin;s take on 14 Trends No Marketer Should Ignore
Seth is one of the keynotes for SLA in Seattle in June. I can hardly wait.
Check out her summary here.
Here are the headings:
14 of them (and a bonus one).
1. Direct Communication
2. Amplification of Consumers
3. Authentic Stories
4. Speed
5. The Long Tail
6. Outsourcing
7. The Dicing of Everything
8. Infinite channels of communication
9. Consumer to consumer
10. Difference and the shift between scarcity and abundance
11. Big Ideas
12. Who vs. How Many
13. The New Rich
14. New Gatekeepers and No gatekeepers
15. The death zone between scarcity and ubiquity
There is a lot of meat here (for our Meatball Sundaes – his latest book) for discussions in libraryland.

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