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Deloitte’s 2008 Tech Predictions for Canada

2008 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions
Reports outline key trends for TMT in the year ahead

“Deloitte’s 2008 technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) Predictions reveal that society is struggling with the “double-edged sword” of progress. As Canadians start to understand that change comes at a price, 2008 is anticipated to be “the best of times and the worst of times.”
Further, what was just a single prediction in 2007 — “technology goes green” — has expanded so fully that one third of the 2008 forecasts are either influenced by or revolve around the environment.
Now in its seventh year, Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions is an annual series of global predictions that showcase emerging global TMT trends that may significantly impact businesses in 2008.
The study showcases a diverse selection of views that challenge, inform and engage industry leaders and executives, including 10 predictions for each TMT industry sector. The study also features Deloitte’s outlook, conclusions and recommended action items to help industry executives capitalize on each prediction.
The 2008 TMT Predictions are based on research and input from more than 6,000 Deloitte member firm practitioners specializing in TMT, Deloitte clients and alumni, industry analysts, and leading global TMT executives.”
– The rising value of digital protection
– From anonymity to authenticity
– How to manage talent when legacy becomes the future
– The flight to privacy
– Stop the presses – Online is moving (slowly) to the front page
– Overcoming online piracy may not mean the end of counterfeit content
– Time for music to get tangible again
– How to capitalize on the $10 mobile phone
– Giving mobile GPS direction
– Gray is good: the return on investment from making telecommunications accessible to all:
“Technology is playing an increasingly central role in many of the key challenges and issues facing Canadians
– The challenges and opportunities of water scarcity
– From zero to green hero – the renaissance of nanotechnology
– Let there be light emitting diodes
– Getting value from virtualisation
– The living room moves closer to being Public Enemy Number One: Consumer electronics now use 15% of household electricity consumption
Download Deloitte’s Canadian TMT predictions here.
It’s great to see a focus on green too.

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