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Students and Video

Are you using video to attract student users? Reading these studies might help.
College Students Love their Video (YPulse)
College Students Watch The Most Video @ Mom & Dad’s
Some highlights:
“While only 57% of adult Internet users have ever watched online video, 93% of college students have ever watched online video. On a typical day, 19% of Internet connected adults download video, whereas more than three times as many (62%) college students download video.
And more…
– 91% of students receive video links (vs. 75 percent of the general internet population)
– 83% of students send video links to others (vs. 57 percent of the general internet population)
– 40% of students rate videos (vs. 13 percent of the general internet population)
– 34% of students post comments (vs. 13 percent of the general internet population)
– 37% of students upload videos (vs. 13 percent of the general internet population)
– 47% of students post video links (vs. 10 percent of the general internet population)
– 14% of students paid for video (vs. 7 percent of the general internet population)”
“What are the top five sites college students visit to watch online video?
1. YouTube
3. Facebook
5. Google Video/ (tied)
I’m guessing this demographic watches shows like Gray’s and Heroes online. I don’t think iTunes was mentioned as an option.
Where do college students log from on to watch online video?
At your parent’s house – 21 percent
In your dorm room – 17 percent
In your off campus residence – 15 percent
At a friend’s dorm room / residence – 14 percent
On campus grounds using a WiFi network – 12 percent
At the campus library – 8 percent
In a campus computer lab – 7 percent
In an Internet cafe – 3 percent
In a fraternity / sorority house – 2 percent
What kinds of video do college students watch?
Comedy/humor – 13 percent
Movies/TV – 13 percent
Music Videos – 12 percent
News – 11 percent
Sports – 7 percent
Commercials – 9 percent
Political videos – 8 percent
Animation/cartoons – 8 percent
Educational videos – 9 percent
Adult videos – 7 percent”
Follow the links to their event and SurveyU.

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