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POD Print on Demand

I’ve often wondered what the opportunity for Print on Demand publishing in the library sector might be. It is certainly maturing as a sector and as an opportunity.
If you’re interesting in leanring more about PoD, read this ReadWriteWeb posting.
Here’s a list of some of the major PoD players:
Borders Personal Publishing
I wonder how many libraries have taken advantage of these services? I could imagine:
a. Publishing student poetry in a collaborative framework and seeling it to parents and grandparents.
b. Publishing recipe collections from your community as a fundraiser that matches the production costs
c. Publishing and collecting local literature efforts from your community.
d. Offering the abilty to publish family genealogies.
e. Offering to publish any non-commercial stuff that remains important but has a very small market – like local histories, local historical society writing, etc.
Just remember that printing is not publishing. If I remember some of my history of the book stuff, there is a big difference from building a Gutenberg Press and printing and what the Italians did almost a century later when publishing was invented. You’ll mostly need to do your own marketing, promotion, pricing, editing, graphics, distribution, etc. this isn’t the system for a popular Harry Potter tome but it can be very successful for niche properties or giving voice to the unheard.

Posted on: February 25, 2008, 12:14 pm Category: Uncategorized