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Free Forrester Data

You can now access Forrester Technographic Data. Data comes from the following surveys:
– US: Forrester’s North American Social Technographics Online Survey, Q2 2007, 10,010 respondents.
– Europe: Forrester’s European Technographics Benchmark Survey, Q2 2007, 24,808 respondents.
– Asia Pacific: Forrester’s Asia Pacific Technographics Survey, Q1 2007, 6,530 respondents.
Read more at Jeremy Owyang’s post here.
Forrester has a lot of data, they deploy the second most surveys second to the US Census. Forrester is sharing “Forrester Research survey data on the Groundswell site. You can now find out the Technographic data by different major countries, segment by age, and gender using a flash engine –at no cost.” Learn how at Jeremy’s post.
It is data that is user behaviour focused – for example:

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