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The Top 10 Trends in Identity Management

This is an interesting post from the CTO Blog at CapGemini.
The Top 10 Trends in Identity Management
Lord knows we care about privacy and protecting our users. We worry about laws and copyright and stuff, but we also know we have to know who borrowed that book or DVD. We also know from personal and enterprise experience that it’s just too hard to keep track of all of our web identities!
The trends identified are:
“1. Open ID, Infocards, CardSpace – in fact the whole concept of Identity 2.0
2. Governance, Risk management, Compliance – all forms of “cover” (which seems dangerously wide)
3. Modularity and openness instead of monolithic Suites
4. SOA and Identity Application Management grow together
5. Authenticating and authorizing in the context of the user (which can spectacularly go wrong by allowing a ‘Trojan’ to be placed between the two ends of the transaction)
6. Privacy and data security
7. More players and products in the market
8. Finally online Banking becomes safe
9. Information and identities are linked
10. Federation matures – even if only slowly”
Interesting and mutating space.

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