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Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers and Teacher-Librarians

This is a cool site for all you K-12 folks out there:
“This wiki was created for school library media specialists by Dr. Donna Baumbach and Dr. Judy Lee, University of Central Florida. The purpose is to provide information about some of the new web-based tools (Web 2.0) and how they can be used and are being used by school library media specialists and their students and teachers. Much of the information–including identifying a need for this kind of information–is the result of a survey conducted in 2008 of over 600 school library media specialists about their knowledge and use of web-based tools in library media programs.
Because WebTools4U2Use is a wiki, you can add information to any page. We encourage you to do so! Add or edit anything that you think will help other library media specialists learn more about Web 2.0 tools and use them creatively and productively in their programs. We’ve also created special pages for each category of tool so you can share other tools or show others how you and your colleagues are using the tools in your programs, or you can use the “discussion” link at the top of any page.”
The headings include:
Audio & Podcasting
Calendars, Task Management, & ToDo Lists
Photo & Photo Sharing
Portal & WebPage starting tools
Presentation Tools
Quiz & Polling tools
RSS & Aggregators
Social Bookmarking
Social Networks
Another useful and collaborative tool for encouraging web 2.0 stuff in the classroom and learning. It even includes a few downloadable flyers to promote the wiki.

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  1. I was with a school librarian Wednesday that did not like the term “teacher’librarian”. She felt that schools often see libraries as a place for teaching reading specifically, rather than all that school libraries really do. By being called “teacher librarian”, she felt that schools would increasing look for the librarians to be teachers and not to be librarians.
    The titles vary by school district. Since ‘teacher’ generally comes with legal pay scales and educational requirements and school librarian often doesn’t and can be staffed by many different qualifications, then by not using ‘teacher’ in your board you would be opening yourself up to lower pay scales. I’d always choose the title that aligns with being paid properly. Then again, if that’s not an issue, then choose whatever works.

  2. Hi There
    I was wondering how we can get included in your Teacher Tools?
    We are a FREE online bookmark site where teachers can add all the relevant websites for a class and then give that URL to everyone in that class so they have all the boobkmarks in one place. Here are some of our features.
    1- It’s “The ultimate homepage” – All your bookmarks in one place! unlimited bookmarks (add as many as you want)
    2- Get a unique URL ( access your bookmarks on any computer anywhere in the world
    3- After you create your Free page you can delete all the default bookmarks and upload just the bookmarks you want
    4- Re-arrange categories & bookmarks in any order you want
    5- Toggle between Google and Yahoo search with out having to re-type the searched term
    6- IT”S FREE!
    Let me know what you think
    Well, I’d actually try following the link and talking to the person who created the list. I’m just pointing to it.