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Major Drivers of Web User Expectations

So what does drive user web expectations? A good argument could be made that they expect what they see when they visit the top sites on the web. SearchEngineWatch has a neat posting on the latest (June 2008) ConScore data for the top 50 ad networks and top 50 web properties:
“In web properties, Google leads the pack 140.2 million unique visitors, but Yahoo comes in a very close second at 140.1 million. This past April, Google’s sites beat Yahoo’s properties for the first time. Microsoft trails in third with 119 million. AOL is in 4th with 110 million and Fox Interactive rounds out the top 5 with 85 million. Here’s the chart:”
“In ad networks, AOL’s Platform-A takes the top spot, reaching 90% of American internet users. Yahoo comes in second, reaching 83% and Google comes in third with 81%. Here’s the full list:”
I find this data interesting. In LibraryLand we spend so much discussion time focusing on Google and Amazon that we neglect to see some of the others that are setting expectations too. I find some surprises on the list. AOL is much higher than I would have estimated. And unique visitors as a measurement removes the odd ad sales success factor that draws attention to Google in particular. Also, some of the subject specific sites for weather and sports for example and retailer sites rank highly too. You’ll also note that the top 10 sites are closer together than their ad sales revenue would predict. It wouldn’t take much of a merger or two to change the game.
And I’ll still bet that the number of unique visitors to all library sites in the US is higher!

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