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Two 2008 Tipping Points

I found ths two stats today and thought they were distinct moments in time:
1. Internet Overtakes Newspapers As News Source
Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
: “The internet, which emerged this year as a leading source for campaign news, has now surpassed all other media except television as a main source for national and international news. Currently, 40% say they get most of their news about national and international issues from the internet, up from just 24% in September 2007. For the first time in a Pew survey, more people say they rely mostly on the internet for news than cite newspapers (35%). Television continues to be cited most frequently as a main source for national and international news, at 70%.”
2. Laptop Shipments Top Desktops For First Time Netbooks’ surging popularity helped push global laptop shipments over desktops for the first time ever. Notebook PC shipments climbed nearly 40 percent in the third quarter of 2008 over the previous year, while desktop shipments took a hit and dropped 1.3 percent. Hewlett-Packard remained top dog, edging out Dell and Taiwan’s Acer.
What year will wireless trump modems? eBooks trump Print? Phone web access trump PCs?
Shift happens.

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