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Befriend a Geek

Give the gift of friendship this Christmas
“This Christmas over 1 million geeks around the globe will sit lonely in their bedrooms, misunderstood and ignored by a cruel world outside. Without “real” friends, they languish unloved in basements, offices and box rooms, hoping without hope for a better life.”
Watch the video and be moved.
“All you need to give is a little time : a visit from a neighbour or a friendly phonecall can make the World of difference to a lonely geek. It will cost you nothing to give a geek a little of the human contact that he craves (yet instinctively shuns), brightening up the geek’s world for a moment at least.”
You’ll find them at home on New Year’s Eve…

Posted on: December 25, 2008, 9:04 am Category: Uncategorized

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