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10 myths about libraries and librarians

Carol Petrowski is a La Crosse County Library System staff member at the Onalaska Public Library in Wisconsin. She wrote this article debunking 10 myths about libraries
LIBRARY NOTE: Setting the record straight on libraries
I’d add other myths:
1. Public libraries and school libraries are just about the same.
2. Libraries are for English readers only.
3. Libraries only have books and not fresh magazines, movies, music, websites, games, adult programs, and more.
4. Libraries are serious and quoiet all the time
5. You have to know Dewey to use the library
6. Library cards are hard to get.

Got some more? Use the comments.
And, good work Carol, folks get to see those local articles now when they’re on the web!

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  1. Thanks for the comments and additional myths. It’s nice to know someone actually reads these articles I write occasionally.