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Upcoming SirsiDynix Institute – Feb. 11

Popular SDI speaker, Ulla de Stricker, is our next offering in the SDI for 2009.
Radio Station WIIFM: Keeping stakeholders engaged through “what’s in it for me” communication
Date : Feb 11, 2009
Start Time : 11 a.m. Eastern
Length : 1 hour
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Ulla de Stricker addresses ways our profession’s practitioners may overcome the “yawn factor” standing in the way of effective dialogue by introducing “hooks” into the way we sell our value and activities to decision makers. The competition for attention is getting ever more intense and we need to work on our messaging, adjusting for stakeholders’ preferences, styles, and priorities. The good news is that decision makers are always tuned in to radio station WIIFM.
Ulla de Stricker —Consultant, de Stricker Associates
Ulla de Stricker, in consulting practice since 1992, helps clients deal with the full gamut of knowledge management challenges, bringing to bear decades of experience. Since the late 1970s, Ulla de Stricker held information industry positions with responsibility in the areas of strategy, design, and market client relations. She managed the Canadian operations for DIALOG in the 1980s and built the electronic publishing venture for a Canadian unit of Thomson in the early 1990s. She is well known for her bold vision of the future of the library profession and is a popular speaker at information conferences internationally.
I always add that the SirisDynix Institute is free and open to everyone and not just SirsiDynix customers, but you knew that already.
See you there.

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