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SmartPhone Growth

eMarketer is reporting on the growth of smartphones in the U.S. These G3 phones have already grown to major market share in other industrialized countries. As North America catches up, there are great opportunities for knowledge based enterprises like libraries – in addition to the entertainment industries like music, video and gaming.
“More than 2.5 billion consumers will subscribe to 3G worldwide by 2013, according to a Parks Associates report. Parks Associates predicts more than 1 billion of those subscribers will be in Asia alone.”
I guess just getting text and e-mail on your phone is so last week.

Posted on: February 10, 2009, 11:32 am Category: Uncategorized

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  1. Jeanne d'Arc Uwatowenimana said

    I guess just getting text and e-mail on your phone is so last week.
    > Should we expect exciting news at the upcoming SirsiDynix Conference like a mobile OPAC?
    DCPL announced that weeks ago for the iPhone. With API’s at SirsiDynix for decades it’s really easily available to every client for many many years. Anyone can add OPACs to Facebook, MySpace and mobile etc. at anytime. Why wait for for a vendor when you can do it or yourself for any idea you want? Just check out the API library for all SD clients.